From our own production

Organic mountain beef

The organic farm is just in walking distance to the hotel and is specialised on mother cows and their calfs.


The animals spend much time outside in the fresh air of the Goms valley on green meadows and the entire summer on the "Blaswald" alp.

Elias, Andy's second born son, and his girlfriend Carolin are in charge on the farm.


Whit their visions and ideas they will soon deliver fresh eggs for breakfast and pork meat from Ulrichen to the Walser and its guests.

Zum Loch-                                                                     The first whisky from the Goms valley


We are proud and pleased to have whisky expert Julia Nourney as godmother and master destiller Urs Lüthi joining us for our passion. Togehter we created the first Whisky here in the Goms valley.


Unfortunately you have to be patient until 2020 for a first tasting....


In May 2017, we blended our first whisky with spring water from the Blaswald mountain and stored it into Ambassadeur barrels from Swiss wine maker Diego Mathier from Salgesch. In a cave the mountains of Ulrichen – a location called “Zum Loch” - is our whisky now aging...

In 2016 and 2017, we planted half a hectare of organic barley in the sunny valleyson 2 sunny acres of Ulrichen and had Urs Luthy destilling them into a single malt whisky. In 2018, we are planning a Grain Whiskey from Gommer Rye.

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Hotel Walser

Alice Baldauf-Andy Imfeld

Nufenenstrasse 13

CH-3988 Ulrichen


Tel: +41 27 973 21 22

Fax: +41 27 973 21 29




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